Why women think they are visual like men are?

Men are 100% visually stimulated and second we see a sexy woman we feel desire and lust. How many women are like this? Very few.

What women find is sexy and hot is men's behaviors and status. I can prove this.

A man can be 10/10 physically like a male model but if he is insecure, shy, timid and little bit socially awkward he wouldn't achieve much success in life. But if an average, okay looking guy is ambitious, courageous and has a lot of confidence and intelligence he is more likely to achieve success and impregnate a lot of women and his genes will more likely to show up in the next generation.

A man's value comes from his behaviors, his masculine character traits, his status. That's why women loooove bad boys and assholes.

What men desire and find sexy is looks, visual things like ass and boobs. What women find sexy and hot is masculine behaviors like assertiveness, dominance, courage, ambition, charisma etc.

Think about Jason Statham he is not that 10/10 handsome amazing looking he is decent looking but most women find him incredibly sexy and hot because of his charisma and masculine behaviors.

Think about someone like 10/10 male model for exmple Sean O' Pry or Brad Pitt i see a lot of women that don't find them hot and sexy as much as they find Jason Statham.
Why women think they are visual like men are?
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