Is it really that bad that I met my boyfriend online?

I wasn't going out looking for a boyfriend, or even friends there was just a group of regulars on this one site for a while, we eventually exchanged skype details, started calls, eventually video calls, and finally met up in person. I've known the guy for about a year, and we've been dating for nearly 2 months now, in which time I've stayed at his house for a weekend and he's come to visit me twice (because we live a few hours away from one another).

I'm 17 and he's 16, but I'm pretty sure a year shouldn't mean anything. Of course I like him, and my parents have met him (they met him when we were just friends, but apparently obvious crush was obvious ^^; so they also guessed when we agreed to start dating)

The problem is my friends - they call me every name under the sun just because I met him online which apparently makes him fake and they say we can never be friends let alone in love with each other just because we didn't meet face to face before we spoke online. I really don't understand their logic here - I'd understand if I hadn't met him IRL at all, because then there would be the risk of him being some paedophile, but like I say, I do meet up with him quite often and when I do, he treats me amazingly and I really do like him a lot (no, I'm not going to say I'm head over heals in love,since I'm only 17 and have only been dating him for a couple months)

Anyway, what are your opinions? Do you think it's true that people who meet online can never be classed as friends or is it okay for me to be dating this guy?


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  • Your friends who are making fun of you and saying this sh*t are bitches. They're not your friends.

    You two have met IRL, so at this point you are IRL boyfriend and girlfriend. This isn't the whole "internet boyfriend/girlfriend" thing - that's when it's only online. Ignore your so-called friends, they're probably just ripping on you for the fun of it.


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