Question from the ladies about texting/phone calls?

1. Do you like for a guy to text/call you first?

2. If he do text/call you, will that let you know that he is interested to get to know you better?

3. How many times can a talk to you per week without being needy/clingy?

4. If you like him, would you text/call him first from time to time?

5. What can a guy do to keep a conversation going through phone conversations?


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  • 1. Yes, it makes me feel like someone is thinking about me

    2. Yes and No: it depends on who is texting me, how well I know the guy, and how long I've known that guy, and how many times we've hung out.

    3. about 4 days out of the week, with about 5-20 text messages those days depending on the kind of conversation we're having, with calling it wouldn't matter, I love talking.

    4. If I like the guy I would put out the effort to go out of my way to show it every now and then by texting or calling.

    5. A guy can keep a conversation going through phone conversations by: asking questions, responding to the answers from the girl, and give his own thoughts on the topic.


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  • 1. Yes!

    2. Yep

    3. If you're annoying me I won't reply but feel free to text when you want to

    4. Eventually

    5. Talk about mutral interests

  • yes we like guys to initiate a text or phone call. if we do all the initiating it makes us feel like we're annoying you or you're not interested. call or text a few times a week, not like everysingle day throughout the day, give the girl her space too.

  • 1. HELL YES :D

    2. Hmm I donno maybe he's just being bored or lonely ?! :D

    3. 974987498797364 :P

    4. Maybe once a week

    5. how was your day ?! ohh reallyy I love this place ! you knoww ... it's somehow likee it ! yea yeaa I know ! have you tried that new ... etc etc etc etc :P

  • 1. Yes!

    2. Definitely!

    3. As much as he wants--especially when I like him:)

    4. Once I know if he likes me...

    5. Tell me about himself, ask me questions, compliments, etc.

  • 1. yes I really like it it`s like a nice surprise when I see it

    2.depends... if you are just a male friend you can be bored or so

    3. if I like a guy everyday is okay if you are not so sure if she likes you look at what she answers if she just write short answers like "yes, OK, fine, no, thank you" than probably once a week if she aks you also questions abour you and your live probably 2 or 3 times a week

    4. yes I do

    5. if she likes you the conversation well be going just try to be fun I always smile a lot when I text with my crush and I love that if she just write short replies probably she doesn` t like you and thinks you are annoying

  • 1. yes

    2. yes

    3. everyday for a little bit

    4. of course

    5. a conversation should flow, there shouldn't be any effort


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