How do I flirt with him?

I started work and have met some cool people.

There’s this guy. I’m only 19 so this is only a seasonal job because I’m in college and he’s my age.

He seems to have noticed me too because he talked to me on my first day. He had to help me with something and I noticed he kept kind of staring me down and then I had to lift boxes and he asked if I needed help a lot. he was put in charge of helping me, he asked me some questions. He asked if it was my first day and if I liked it. I was like “eh it’s ok” then we both started laughing. He then asked what school I went to and I told him I was in college. He was like “oh that’s a big one”. Then he asked me what high school I went to and he went to the one down the street from me. he sounded kind of embarrassed and said “my school had a lot of problems” and we both laughed again and I was like “yeah I’ve heard some things about that school” he told me he graduated. We haven’t gotten the opportunity to be alone again. He’s really friendly and I’ll catch glances from him. A couple of girls will tease him at work but it’s like brother and sister and they have bfs. he told me good morning when he came in separately because I was alone. Also he came out the bathroom and saw me and did a double take at me. He’s one of the few that know my name. I’ll see him for a couple of hours each day next week. I’m so shy how do I flirt? before you say focus on your job , people meet partners at work all the time and I’m still young and work in retail.
How do I flirt with him?
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