Should I stop liking him?

I’m known for jumping to conclusions and I like liking guys but after a while I want things to move faster. I also make mountains out of mole hills a lot. There’s this guy at my job that I just started. Apparently he’s been working there for a few years or for a while. He knows everyone there.

He talked to me on my first day and asked me where I was from and what high school I went to and stuff like that. I kind of took that for interest considering most guys don’t ask girls about themselves that they aren’t at least a little interested in. He seems outgoing but also laid back and cool.

There are a couple of girls who are early 20s who I’m not really worried about at all because they aren’t checking for him and one has a boyfriend that I know of. There’s this one other girl though who’s chubby ( I know that’s irrelevant but I don’t think she’s pretty at all ) Today he wasn’t here and she was talking to another girl about jobs and I overheard her say that he said he wanted a tattoo and that he wanted to be a cop one day. I know he’s been here for a while but that’s odd to know about someone. When they’re both here at the same time they’re not affectionate and she practically makes fun of him and treats him like a little brother. He’s funny and outgoing and makes everyone laugh which I’m shy so I don’t know if I want someone so out there. Do you think she could be his girlfriend? I don’t want to stop liking him but don’t want to get hurt.
Should I stop liking him?
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