Was it all a joke... or is there something there?

So.. this guy and I have known each other for years.. our families have always been very good friends. He's 2 years younger than me so I never really paid him much attention in the past, but now that we're in college, the age difference isn't as big of a deal. He's hilarious and I've always thought he had a great personality.. but I guess I never really noticed him until this past weekend in any other way. We actually hadn't seen each other in quite a while but we were in a wedding together this weekend. That's when I really started noticing him hanging around a lot and finding reasons to talk to me etc. The whole weekend his mom kept saying things hinting that she would want us to date.. saying how good I would be for him.. telling me good things about him etc. At the reception turns out I ended up catching the bouquet and he caught the garter.. that just led to more talk between our families and joking about us getting married one day. The rest of the night he was always somewhere close in sight and kept saying we had to dance etc. Well when we were leaving at the end of the night everyone was already outside waiting but he stayed with me and helped me carry my stuff. On the way out the door he was like quick no one's looking.. and kissed me - totally caught me off guard. He kinda made a joke with the "quick no ones looking", but was that just a way to play if off so he could do it, or was he just joking in doing it? We're both total goofs and always joking around in general.. so I don't know whether to think everything was just us joking or if there's interest...


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  • There is something about weddings that just gets people going. It's like romance is contagious at weddings. However, after the wedding, you are back to making things work on your own momentum.

    I personally find the pronouncement of mom's and family members to be of no value and sometimes actually give people a false security that more is there than really is. Not many people these days would want their mom to pick out there girlfriend. In fact, the more a mom or parents think someone is good for you, the more you are going to wonder that the person is some boring, safe alternative. Worse is the whole wedding talk when you two haven't even been on one date. Luckily you two found it funny.

    Overall, I think you had a lot of fun and enjoyed each others' company, but nothing you said would answer this question in my opinion. If he starts calling you for a date, now that would be the sign you need. Good luck!

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