I keep screwing up with girls?

Okay I seem to get dates, but can't seem to make a move past getting the dates. It is like I can't get over my bitchness to actually be kiss her. I know asking her is punkish, but it seems like I can never scope out the right time or even know what I should do. This recent girl that I went out with I think the fact that we went out twice and I never even tried to kiss her screwed me over.

Now I have my eyes on this other chick that I just saw in a summer class I started. Hopefully I can actually get a date, so I being optimistic by asking for help so for the next girl I can actually have some idea. Maybe you guys can let me know how did you get your first kiss.


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  • A first kiss will keep you on a high note for a long time, and can potentially put an everlasting effect on you!

    Kissing comes completely natural, and by your description, it sounds like you're thinking to much. How can you stop that? Let yourself go, don't think ahead, stay in the moment & don't ruin it!

    The time will be right, you've gotta stop overthinking this. Love & dating is a confusing & muttling subject that neither sex can completely comprehend, but with a good mindset, anything's possible.

    Just don't think so much about it! It'll be natural. You'll know when the time's right.

  • MAybe you need some alchohol to relax.


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