I was 20 when I got my first kiss by a boy who had a girlfriend! what to do?

On Jan 8th 2011 I went to his sis birthday par y and he kissed me. Yes I had my 1s kiss at age 20. The guy was on Xmas vacation he is studying to be a lawyer but I didn't know he had a girl he joked about it and well I took it as a joke.

We knew each other for like 4 years now and he had liked me for years and I didn't give him a try Because my parents were strict.

When he returned to school (in another country)and later I see pics of him with his girlfriend on Facebook kissing and protesting their love.

Meanwhile he never called me say he was leaving for school or while he was at school.

Now he is back on vacation again in our country he wants to go out with me again what should I do?


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  • turn him down it's unfair and its cheating, if he was serious with you he would still be single or at least honest with you..find someone better


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