What should NOT be said on a first date?

I'm not too good at this lol help...please

anything helps.


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  • I'm technically still married but in the process of being divorced. I swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills 2 weeks ago. To be honest I'm talking to this other guy as well and I'm really into him. Can we stop by borders after dinner? I need to pickup some boxes, I'm moving soon.

    Christen said ALL of those to me.

    You're paying. I'm really into black guys (I'm not black). I'm a Mormon, I don't have sex. My ex boyfriend was really big, his d*** was like 9 inches. I once sucked a stranger's d*** in an alley in Paris (she just got back from a trip to Europe). Want to meet my son? I'm a vegetarian. I'm sensitive to gluten, I can't eat anything that has wheat which is pretty much everything. I'm the girl, it's your job to entertain me.

    ...Various girls

    that's internet dating if you were wondering.


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  • Things not to talk about on a first date if you like the guy..

    Dont talk about

    1. Your Ex's or your guy friends you had fun with in the past

    2. Sex unless you want it

    3. Stalkers you might have had or do

    4. Health issus you might have/ except what your elergic to if your eating..

    5. Underwear..

    6. The other guys you think are cute

    7. What you need to do tomarrow.. This shows you want to be somewhere else.. This is not to say you can't talk about your life.. Just not tomarrows dutys

    8. Love.. As In you love him

    9. Money

    10. Family issues.. Problems are ok.. And talking about familys OK .. Just not there issues

    11. Friends boyfiends/problems

    • good point with #2! so is it a red flag if HE talks about his ex? this guy randomly said he had trust issues because his ex girlfriend cheated...and it was our 1st date...

    • This is a girls check list.. Not a guys

      Sounds like he wanted you to know he likes you but has trust issues

      The question is is it somthing youd want to know now or worry and find out later

  • 1) The guy at the table behind you is really cute.

    2) No, I didn't eat curry this morning, I actually hate curry. The smell must be from Vintool, my ex. Last night he promised to fix my laptop, so I came over, and it was way harder than expected and took way longer, so I stayed over till about an hour ago this morning when he had to leave. Vintool loves curry.

    2) It's not that I find guys with big hands attractive, it's just after Dennis guys with small hands and feet don't do anything for me. Not anywhere. Can I see your feet?

    3) Can you move a little so the guy at the table behind you can better see that I am looking at him?

    4) The cool thing about unprotected sex is you get to share the same medication after, so I don't have to remember to bring mine.

    5) Actually you can break a heroin habit. I've done it twice already this month alone!

    6) Do you have any Ecstasy? No? Can you ask the guy behind you? Gosh, look at those feet of his.

    7) Actually since you're paying with cash, can you give me an extra $20? C'mouon, I had 2 less drinkpfss than usssual !

  • "Bob"

    Don't talk about "Bob"

    J.R. "Bob" Dobbs is of course the high leader, epopt, god, short-duration saviour and $aint of $ales of the Church of the SubGenius link

    If you follow that link, he's the guy in the corner.

    Our first date I tried to break the ice by talking about "Bob"

    She got up and left! I couldn't believe it. I had to chase her down.

    Good thing I did. We ended up getting married and now there's never a shortage of "Bob"

    But... take it from me: not on a first date.

  • Do not ask controversial questions. Focus on the likes, instead of the dislikes.

  • I'm Pregnant...and its yours.


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  • I wouldn't talk about your past drug addictions or felony charges. Unless you two are meeting in your rehab facility, then it's acceptable.

    Naw for real, I wouldn't mention past relationships, marriage/kids talk, or any crazy family problems (save for those fun surprises later on!). Good luck ;)

    - B

  • Politics, money or religion

  • tell your dad I said its a good idea to get tested... and your brother.. and your mom... and your dog... and maybe your gramps.

    • Granpa? That old dawg! Ever since Viagra he's gone K-razy. Kicked me out of his old bachelor pad, brought in this interior designer college kid AND screwed her. I don't know how, I think it may have had something to do with him installing a tanning bed and a DJ booth at his apartment.