Millionaire Matchmaker's love advice - how accurate is she?

Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker (I just watch the show for kicks & giggles) says that "men are like microwaves and women are like ovens", meaning to say that men heat up right away when they see a woman they like, but women take a lot longer to decide they like a guy.

Putting this theory to the test...a guy I once dated said to me after I told him I wasn't sure yet about us, "I was starting to really like you". So was he lying, given that he was supposed to like me from the get-go? lol.


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  • Like everything in education, you have to take statements as a grain of salt. Think of nutrition and what we are supposed to follow as a guideline today, give it 10 years, and then all that information is changed or finds a new "twist".

    Do I agree with her theory? At certain parts, yes.. But she's making too broad of a generalization to say "all guys are like ___ / all girls are like ___"... I'm going from the standpoint that when I like a girl, I like her. When I hear that she "wants me to wait", I end up thinking that's her being not interested (mainly cause I've already come up with a thousand reasons or more, of why to walk away, before I even approach her).. And in turn, her "Resistance" is usually what makes me believe that she's rejecting me.. But in the end result, I'm only breaking off the chance for her to reject me.. I guess it's more of a defense mechanism really.

    Her theory needs a lot more explaining, but yea! If you take it as a general perspective, or just try to "see" what she's talking about - a lot of those dating gurus have different viewpoints on situations that can help you learn all the faster. The real issue is where people take what one of these self-alleged / tv-pronounced-gurus says as the "magic pill" for advice..

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Everyone is different and whenever anyone gives you advice that supposedly applies to all guys or ladies then you know it's wrong.

  • How accurate...50/50

    That show is a joke lol


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  • It's just entertainment, i doubt her words hold any ounce of truth because money comes and go with these marriages with millionaires.


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