When to up time spent together?

When do you increase the time spent with someone you've been dating?

It's hard because I've been dating a girl for about 2 months and we only see each other once maybe 2 times a week max. If she has to go somewhere that time can increase, which makes my patience even more at odds. I really like her but would like to see her more. What's a good way to make this work without coming off as "too attached"? I value my alone time still and don't want to burn the relationship out from being always around.

Should I be worried?

Is 2 months a reasonable amount of time to start thinking this, or am I pressing?

What has been your experience in seeing your significant other? How much time do you spend together?

How long have you been together?


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  • Yes it's normal to want to spend more time with your girlfriend, stop stressing over it. If you want to be slightly more inconspicuous about spending more time with her without coming on too strong, just start staying around that extra hour, or ask her on an extra date. Find a new common interest and that will add in the time you spend together. Really you just need to find something that works for both or you. Good Luck :)

    • Sounds good. She wants me to show her how to play tennis this summer so maybe that will be door to more time.

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