I asked where we stood and haven't heard from him, are we done?

Ok, here goes. I met a guy online, we spoke for a bit more than a week, 3 or 4 times a day. Things were going fine. He asked how I felt about him, said all good things..I know it was quick but it def felt right. He sent me a text by mistake, I let him know, he said OK thx, an I let it go. The next day it started to bother me ( meanwhile he was new to the site so he continued to talk to other woman, which I was fine with. He even told me some funny stories). I texted him an asked where I stood ( I guess I started thinking the text was for his ex ( from 2 years ago) he freaked and said I was out of line. I apoligized and agreed...he said we'll talk. that was 3 days ago..am I done? ugh


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  • No offense, but Don't trust him... If you haven't met him in person, he may as well be a scammer or liar. I don't trust those online.

    Leave him be...


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