And he deleted me why?

i had a fling with this guy like one or two times seeing him and then he deletes me on Facebook after he says he wants to see me again, what do you think that's about?


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  • if he deleted you it means he doesn't want to have anything to do with you anymore, and he was just trying to get you to think of him that's why he asked you to see him again.

    • whats the reason though? and why would he want me to think of him?

    • don't speculate, I was just speculating, who knows what people really are thinking.

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  • hiding you from another girl...afraid she might read your messages or you might make some comment that will get him in trouble.

    • he blocked my friend that I met him through first and then deleted me, I don't understand why he didn't just block me?

      i didn't say anything though that anyone would see

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    • hey it could be something completely different. Maybe he heard something about you from someone he didn't like. Like I said. I would not worry about don't need a person like that in your life. Move on and find a good guy.

    • he doesn't know anyone that knows me other than my friend who he blocked, not worried about it, thanks

  • I'm sure it's because he loves you! ;)


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  • cause he wants you and you have'nt seen him so he got mad and deleted you...maybe he is not so confident and thought you didn't like the hook ups.

    • you think he wants me so he deleted me? if he wanted me then would he text me back or not delete me?

    • like I meant that he liked you so much and you werent giving him enough attention or you didn't text him back ,ignored him maybe(im not sure if that was the case) and he deleted you so that maybe you would respond to him and ask why you deleted time when I was being immature I did this and the guy responded and asked why I deleted him...i told him I was just mad at the time.i hope that makes sense.:)

    • well I didn't really text him but I don't know if that would be a reason why he'd delete me