Do I have a chance with him?

Okay there's this guy I really like. His name is Tim Pool he's a famous guy I'm sure you guys heard of him and I heard him say in a video he's been wanting a wife and kids he wants a serious relationship with someone. I'm hoping that he will notice me. I hope he would date a fan. I sent him a letter telling him how I feel and I drew him pictures anime picture of him I can draw. i sent it on Nov 15 to New Jersey they have a po box where his fans can mail him stuff. I didn't tell him I wanted to have his kids or anything like that lol but I hope when he reads my note he reaches out to me and likes me. I'ts been 3 weeks no reply but my friends told me he works 16 hours a day and he moved a different state but he does still use his PO box. So I don't know how much longer I should wait. and Do you guys think I have a chance,. Im a woman by the way any ideas?
Do I have a chance with him?
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