She hangs out with my friends to get back at me?

This chick I befriended last summer is my guy best friends EX girlfriend. (she slept with another guy & doesn't understand why he hates her.) but anyways, to get back at him for breaking up with her she decided to befriend ALL OF HIS FRIENDS. myself included. I didn't know her personally, I thought she had no-one to turn to after the break up so I lent my shoulder out for her. I took her to parties & introduced her to everyone and they all liked her, what they didn't know about her was how much she complained about her life to me everyday, mooched off of me for money, always needed a ride because she has no car, and she drinks 24/7. I had to gt rid of her. I stopped talking to her and she annoyed the crap outta me for 3 months asking why I hate her now. she did it to my boyfriend and best friend too. we all can't stand her now SO she DECIDED TO PARTY WITH ALL OF OUR FRIENDS AGAIN. does anyone see a pattern of behavior here? she gets back at her ex by becoming super close with all of his friends, and even dates his best guy friend now, and then to get back at me she decides to party and hang with all of my friends? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


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  • Just ignore the bitch.

    • oh goodness I do! ha. she will not stop blowing up my phone or my best friends phone though even when we ignore her. she continuously sent me messages on Facebook too until she blocked me last week for totally ignoring her at a party she wasn't supposed to be at. it never ends because she's trying to befriend everyone I hang out with...

    • Omg this girl is psycho lol.