I want to ask this guy to hang out?

as friends, he has a girlfriend across the country, he's my friend's cousin and I met him through her. I don't want to scare him away by saying "we should hang out again soon" on fb message.. I got vibes that he likes me but I don't want to push it... should I say we should hangout or see if we just happen to hangout Saturday w my friend?


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  • Why not keep it simple? Just find an idea of what seems fun for you - that hopefully he'll like too - and invite him? Sounds about as complicated as it has to get.. ;)

    Example 1: "Hey josh, it was a blast hanging out last week :) We're headed out again Saturday to do some disc golf - wanna come along?"

    Example 2: "Hey josh, we're gonna do another poker night this Saturday - buy in is 5 dollars - I need to know asap if your gonna come so that I can figure out how many people are gonna be eating"

    Example 3: "That was a blast last week, wanna hang out again on Saturday?"

    In my opinion, 1 and 2 are your best options.. 3 is a bit sketchy cause I don't like inviting people w/o a valid reason - cause in rare cases, I have had people think I'm "romantically interested" when I'm truly not..

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • you should just ask him, keep it casual, but make sure it doesn't seem like a date. to be safe ask him to hang out with a mutual friend.

  • I wouldn't get involved with someone in a relationship... So keep your motives clear of anything more than just friends... it is cool to desire just please don't act on them... If that is clear, then sure ask him to hang . Just be strong to work only on the friendship... probably not what you want to hear... you wouldn't want to be that girl across country would you?


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