I don’t know what his problem is?

There’s this guy at work in his early 20s and I’m 19. On my first day he asks me some questions about myself like what school I went to, his school, if I liked the job, where I was from and we shared a laugh or two.

I’m shy and he stares at me and offers to help me but I still want things to move faster lol.

There’s this girl at my job, Kathy, who talks to him but she’s outgoing and talks to everyone. Yesterday I was wearing a cute outfit. he kept coming near me to use my trash can when there were other ones around that no one was using. Also I was walking to the back and he followed me back and his hand touched my shoulder and he said excuse me and reached past me but I think he just wanted to touch me because he could’ve waited. I then was like “there’s a lot going on” and he started laughing and was like “yeah there’s stuff everywhere”. later he kept coming next to me to get tags. he asked me to get something for him which I’ve never seen him use and was like “preciate it- thank you” today he said gm to everyone and went to the girl and was like “sup Kathy”. later he asked her and another girl what time they were here until. She has a boyfriend and looks wise I’m not worried about her. He stared at me a lot today and I was talking to my manager and he came up and stood there. I went to break and minutes later he came in to “put his jacket down” and we made eye contact. Sometimes his stare is obvious. I work in retail and work very hard. I’m leaving next month for college.
I don’t know what his problem is?
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