How to I tell a guy I met on vacation I like him?

How do I tell someone I have a huge crush on them and would love to see them again? Its unfortunaly a bit complicated. So about 2 weeks ago I was on vacation in Stockholm and I had an evening to my self before a friend of mine joined me in town. I decided to go on bumble and look for a date. I matched with this really cute guy and we met up later that evening. Everything was great, we had a nice dinner and I spent the night at his place. He was super sweet to me in the morning (something I am really not used to from guys) and we have stayed in touch ever since. Unfortuntly, I only had a few days left in Sweden and I didn't mange to see him again. I am back in Germany wondering what to do. I have been texting with him everyday since I met him so we are definatly still in touch but we are in 2 different countries now so we didn't make any plans to meet up again. I wanna tell him how much I really liked him. I know it sounds crazy since I only met him once but on the other side I have absolutly nothing to lose. If he says no, I won't see him again so I might as well try. But how do I say it without sounding crazy or needy? Unfortunalty I also have to do it via text. If he says yes, luckily I work remotely and could go back to Stockholm at any time so if he wants to see me again, I could make it happen!! Help. I dont know what to say to him!!
How to I tell a guy I met on vacation I like him?
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