Guys, why would it be a problem if your close friend likes the same girl as you?

I told my guy friend (who seems to like me) that some guy told me he likes me. I told him I don't want to tell him and that he might know him.

He said it will be a problem if the guy who said he likes me is close to him but it won't be if he is not.***

What is this supposed to mean?

Why did he say it will be a problem?

TYPO* I meant

"Guys, why would it be a problem if your close friend likes your friend who is girl?"


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  • girl please use some common sense of course its a problem if a close friend like the same girl, she not gonna date you both and it gonna leave one of them hurt no matter how you do it.

    • but this guy and I are not even in a relationship..he didn't even tell me he likes me.

    • ughh think girl think yeah your not in a relationship and yeah he has not said he likes you and yeah he may never make a move or do anything. HOWEVER in his mind if another guy likes you you were at least interested enough back to tell some one. no ones gonna tell their friends they think that fat ugly kid who never showers likes them. another guy in the picture just backs him into a corner he is forced to choose what to do.

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