Do you think she likes me?

Signs she likes me: -she said smiled at me in the hallways a few times and once said hi to me (she is shy)

- when I saw her outside of school and I said hi she smiled and gave an enthusiastic hi.

- she waved at me, smiled and said hi when she saw me outside of school.

-Most of the time she'll extend our conversations online.

-Today I think I saw her blushing when I was near her but talking to one of my male friends.

signs she doesn't: today she didn't try to extend the conversation online and gave me a one word reply when she could have responded to what I said.

- She may have ignored me when I said hi to her at school (but I've been told I speak quietly sometimes as well as mumble)

-I think I heard her and friends talk about a date/bf and since then she has displayed some of these negative signs.

- When we are talking in groups she usually won't respond to what I say.

Do you think she could like me? What % chance would give it? We are also both turning 18 soon. She is also a bit shy. Thank you.


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  • she is a girl he could be shy,

    but you are the boy dude , ask her for a coffee or a dinner :) , I think she wil like you more

    not just a 50 - 50 for now , good luck