Was this guy playing games/being flaky?


I don’t understand, anytime I think I snagged a potential good looking guy to date, shit hits the fan. I’ve been on and off the apps for years, I have finally called it quits for TBD. I am tired of attracting men I wouldn’t want to date, that’s all that comes my way. Even skinnier, only men I wouldn’t want always flocked. I really think I’m just unlucky with dating. I’ve tried Tinder & that has the better looking bunch. I once spoke with a guy who played major games, I called it quits really quick. For example, he gave me his number to talk on the phone. I called from a blocked number and we spoke for maybe an hour. He ends the convo with “let me know tomorrow when it’d be a good time to meet up”. So I never did, he then texts later in the day or the next day asking why I didn’t follow up. I figured if he really cared he could have scheduled a time there and then. We encounter each other on the app months later (I deleted it before), he messages me and asks that we finally meet up. He asks that I pick a time and place, what happens? He follows up the next day maybe a few hours before confirming we are still meeting. Then maybe an hour before says that he has to reschedule because he has to help his friend work out at the gym, forgot this was scheduled in the first place. I mean if he wasn’t interested then why message me in the first place? This is the kind of stuff I do not tolerate.
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Was this guy playing games/being flaky?
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