Why am I so undateable?

I've dealt with the worst, worst guys. I came out, and I've damaged myself completely. I've recovered, stepped forward, and I refuse to look back. The guys I've dated, it got worse and worse. Let me just give y'all a bit of my past story. I went from dating a guy who couldn't get out of trouble with the law. Cheating on me. To... Not dating for a while. Put myself back out there. Dated a guy who went behind my back, flirting. To another who has/had massive anger issues. Bashed women he's dated in front of me. He dropped me like I was nothing. To.. PHEW! A recovering drug addict that has an ego. Mentally abused me..

From all of this being the past, I've healed. For some reason, every time I see a good guy that wants to get to know me. I freak out mentally and silently. I feel toxic. I was hanging with a guy friend last night, tired of dating just like myself. He tried to hook up with me, but I told him he was too good. He starts laughing, but I was serious. Hooking up is easy to me if I do not care about that person.
Why am I so undateable?
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