How do I get rid of these thoughts?

I love my boyfriend and he's an amazing guy. When we first met, I was attracted to him but he wasn't so into me. I liked him so much but he would always distant himself away from me. Making me feel not good enough. I had moved on and well one day, we had a mutual friend invite me and him out. The whole time me and him talked and from there, things had clicked. He enjoyed that one day and begged to hang out with me some more. I agreed and we've been with each other nearly everyday since. We got so closer. He's become so attracted to me that he chooses me over anyone. On his days off, he spends the whole day with me and never wants to leave. He checks on me to make sure I'm safe everyday. When I'm upset, he's there to cheer me up.

We are both happy with each other and even though we are together, I still get a bad feeling for him like, does he really love me? Is he settling for me?
How do I get rid of these thoughts?
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