Freind doesn't want to hook up anymore?

Hello, everyone, ill try to make this as simple as possible.
So there are 4 characters to the story. Me, Gina, Emma, Liam, Matt

So I'm currently single but am currently talking to someone that i would like to date (Gina). But am not currently, I just don't wanna jump the gun.

So as a joke, i told one of my best friends (Emma) in the public group chat (with all 4 of us), if she wants to practice kissing as i haven't had my first kiss yet (im 19). She initially decided but later accepted it, called me and we ended up hooking up.

We both really enjoyed it and planned to keep it between us. But my other best friend (Matt) kept asking about what happened, as Me and Emma (if it came to it) said we would tell our other friends (Liam and Matt) it was only it was a few pecks and a small makeout session. But she ended up talking with him for like 4 hours about it and HE (Matt) told HER (Emma) that we shouldn't hook up again for me to focus on the girl I'm currently talking to (Gina). I know this because my other best friend (Liam) told me that when he was talking to Matt

Emma DMed me a day later saying he didn't want to hookup anymore, not because she was uncomfortable but The thing is, SHE wanted to see me again, and since Me and the girl im talking to (Gina) aren't dating, i didn't really see the reason for it. If anything the hookup gave me more confidence and lifted my mood.

Is there any way i can sever this?

PS. If i can't its fine. Its just im taken off guard right now.
Freind doesn't want to hook up anymore?
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