Shall I text him after the first date?

I met this guy on a dating app a few weeks back. He was sweet, talkative and very nice over the text. Then we added each other on Snapchat to keep in touch. He offered to exchange phone numbers to have a phone call at some point. I really enjoyed his chat over the phone. He is living an hour away from mine but he told me that he wants to see me so he can book a train ticket to visit at the weekend. He is a cheeky boy but very straightforward which is good. I picked him up from the station, he kissed me on the cheek. When we were walking he held my hand throughout, even in the taxi. Because the restaurants and pubs were closed, we went to mine after spending some time in town. We put a film on and after some point he kissed me. Things got more heated and he wanted to go further. I stopped him and told him that I dont want to do it on the first date. He said he understood. He continued cuddling me, playing with my hair, kissing my forehead at some point. We ordered some food, kissed more, things got a little more intimate but we didn't sleep together. He stayed with me for around 6 hours, we had a nice chat and then he left. He kissed me before leaving, and told me that he would talk to me later. On his way back home, I texted him thanking for coming and said I really enjoyed his company. He texted me a few hours later saying it was nice to see me as well and he will talk to me soon. Now its the next day and its been more than 24 hours since we have seen each other. I dont want to text him because I dont want him to think that I am needy. I also asked him before if he was offended that we didn't sleep together and he said this was not the case at all. He had a three year relationship before and he is only 21. I dont think he is a player but I would understand if he was just being nice to me. Shall I text him at some point next week or wait him to text me first instead? Please help me...
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I texted him saying ‘Hey, how have you been? I was not sure if you wanted to keep in touch’ and he said ‘Honestly, I had a good time coming to see you and I think you are great but I spent some time thinking on it and I feel like we are two different people leading two different lives. Therefore I am not sure if anything serious could work between us’. I feel like he is bothered by our education levels (he did not go to uni, I am doing a PhD) but he knew that. How can I change his mind?
Shall I text him after the first date?
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