I have been yelled at by the girl because she misunderstands me. I called her a couple of times and hung up.

I lost my nerve. I want to talk but I have feelings for her so it hurts me when she gets mean and I get messed up for days. What do you think she thinks of me because I hang up?


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  • Well what do you expect? She thinks you're playing games with her! Either man up or just don't call anymore. Come on... what's got you so nervous!? She's JUST a girl!

    • She gets really mean says things and makes it very hard to talk. Last time I talked she just hung up the phone in my face. Like I'm doing her. I told her I want to be at peace again with her and have closure. She said she didn't want to go threw that and said there was some one on the other line and hung up on me. When you say playing games is that considered me having a mean additude or a weirdo? I'm wondering what different thoughts she could be thinking I'm am because of it.

    • If someone is so mean to you, why you keep talking to her? That doesn't make sense to me! Go find someone nicer... or do you like being treated this way?

    • We fell in love with one anther. Her friend wanted sex with me and split us up. She ran off into anther guys arms. She's still in love with me at times. Her friends tried to seduce me afterward. Now she's all jacked up because she's with this other guy. She's putting up a front. I caught her having feelings for me. Then she got pissed off that I caight her. She's full of rage over it. I'm just caught in love with her. It's sad because I've never met a girl I've fallen in love with like her.

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  • it calling is hard for you, then try emailing or texting

  • I had a guy do this to me that I REALLY liked and to be honest, I just wished me would talk! But he never did :( Then the calls just stopped one day.

    • tell me you liked it... Just tell me it is ok... I mean that's what keeps him thinking you and your female friends don't think he is weirdo stuff because he does when their is so many fish in the sea and who wants that so he runs away...

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