Why do women text and talk on the phone a lot while driving especially when they're bad drivers to begin with?

Women are horrible drivers, on top of that, more women text and talk on the phone then men, usually when they do text and talk on the phone, they lack the multi-tasking needed to coordinate driving with cell usage, you can spot a female driver using her cell phone by the slight swerving of her car on the road, wild hand gestures symbolizing the gossip she's engaged in and driving 5 miles below the speed limit pissing every one else off on the road.

Women also apply make up at a red light and when the light turns green and they are still there, then they wonder why people honk at them.


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  • You forgot to mention digging in their purses, applying makeup, slapping their kids in the back seat, and just generally doing everything except driving right.

    • Why are you so concerned with women drivers? Shouldn't your eyes be on the road?!

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    • Well I have experienced different. I'm just glad my state is cracking down on cell phones while driving. Like I said, I'm not worried about me I'm worried about the other stupid drivers.

    • Or how about the fact that they apply make up by looking at the vanity mirror and fail to notice the light turned green 5 minutes ago, then when you honk, they look in the rearview instead of forward where they would find out why they are being honked at...

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  • The moment you make generalizations like this, you're wrong.

  • Girls are actually better at multi-tasking at guys. "Women are bad drivers" "Guys are stupid"

    • No one is good at multi-tasking. Your brain isn't able to do more than 1 task at any one time. You can't focus on any one task, and have to switch your mind back and forth. When you're in a 2 ton machine, I'd rather you not be trying to test this theory out.


    • I'm good at multi-tasking, for instance right now I'm thinking about how bad women are at driving while writing a comment about it

  • It's not just women that text/talk on the phone while driving..just because you witness a few females doing this, don't judge us all. I'm a f***ing amazing driver.

    • I said why do women text and talk ALOT..everyone does it, but I'm saying that women do it the MOST, then I ask WHY y'all do that ESPECIALLY when you guys are bad drivers to begin with. I bet you're a horrible driver. You belong in front of a kitchen, not behind a wheel.

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    • Thats a whole lot of run-on sentences, I didn't even read it :$

    • Great, now I don't have to keep arguing with a stupid person

  • It's not just women that do that, & the people that do are idiots.


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  • If I see someone texting, I call it in. I ride a motorcycle and it's a good thing I pay attention, because these morons would kill somebody and not even flinch.

    Texting drivers are about the lowest form of life, worse than drunk drivers.

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