The awkward situation on a date....

Whats the best response that a girl would want to hear in this situation...

On a date you bump into a friend and he/she asks you if the girl you are with is your girlfriend right in front of her but you and the girl are not in a relationship yet


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  • I think it definitely depends on how long you & the girl have been dating, and if you two are dating other people.

    The most polite way to handle this would be to introduce her to your friend right away as your friend. However, if you didn't do this, and they ask if this is your girlfriend, I am going to assume that you did not introduce her at all. So just say, oh, I'm sorry, Bill, this is my friend Amy. If you have already intro'd her. Just say, we are dating and she's a wonderful lady, don't you think so? But don't rush through it. Stay calm, and look at her & smile when you say it, and put your arm around the small of her back. It means something. Trust. me.

    Then change the subject ASAP.

    Like, how have you been? How's work? Etc.

    I would be happy with that.


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  • I would prefer the guy to say something along the lines of 'hahaha maybe' or 'she's an amazing girl that I'm really into' LoL, whatever you say make sure that she will be happy with what you said, and make her feel like she's wanted but not like she's yours

  • that depends how long you guys have been dating

    if it's been a while, it's OK to say yeah


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  • "nah this is just some dumb girl I'm trying to f*** tonight"

    trust me she will be FLATTERED.