Is she really a bad girl?

I am 20 years old virgin.
I don't drink, don't do clubbing, don't smoke, not invited to any birthday party, never invited to anything.

I found a girl in instagram.
All my friends says that she is not the one for you, or she will use you and then leave you.

I don't know a lot about her.
I told her that I like her,
She said I would not mind loving me!!
Is she just looking for a casual relationship (well I am not, I want something which never ends)

My sister says I am settling down for someone who doesn't deserve me or ever will!!!

Everytime I ask that what do you think of me, she replies with let's first meet (we live in different city's, I am going to her city for my education, it was decided before even I texted her or knew her)

Things that I know.
2failed relationship, she says they both were toxic.
She loves anime (even I watch anime).
She likes to drink (ya she is 20, I know).
She is not a virgin.(lost it when she was 18)
She is not in a good mood all the time.
Currently she is single and looking for boyfriend.
She does chat, but I feel like she chats to a lot of people at the same time.

I am just a weeb who sits in a chair watches anime, play games all day, and want to be a computer engineer.
Tbh I think too little of self.

My dream was broken long ago (I wanted to fall in love at the age of 14 and wanted it to never end)

I am too romantic sometimes.

To be real 3 people who knows me very well have said that she doesn't deserve me.
Is she bad or just not for me,.
am i looking in too much
Should I meet her and then think.

Should I just fuck all and go back to gaming and coding which I do.(best option from my point of view but at the end of the day I'll always be alone)

Should i be just a friend and say that I lost interest in relationship with you.

Or all these people are correct that she isn't the one.( I think that is the truth)
I just want something which will last till we die.
Is she really a bad girl?
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