How do I move forward? Should I block him to help me move on?

Just looking for some honest opinions please. I’m all over the place with my thoughts and feelings right now.

If you had been dating someone for 2 months and you:

a) Spoke to them without fail every day (messages / voice notes)

b) Spoke to them on the phone most nights for 2-4 hours at a time (due to distance between you)

c) Spent an amazing weekend together, full of emotion and him telling you he loved you to your face

d) Told each other you’d fallen for each other

e) He told you he could see himself marrying you and being the mother of his children

Q: Would you block them if they (and please don’t judge me before you’ve read the whole scenario):

a) Told you whenever they see their parents / friends they don’t use their phone at all (old fashioned beliefs) and would therefore sometimes go quiet on the odd nights

b) Disappeared for 6 days with no contact at all, only to come back and tell you that their father had taken ill and had been in hospital (which you 100% believed, understood and offered support for)

c) Told you they wanted to spent Christmas / New Years Eve with you

d) Then sent you a message whilst you’re travelling home from the weekend together (only 1 week prior to the above plans), saying that their father had fallen ill again and that they’d text you later that evening (had previously promised he wouldn’t go quiet again)

e) From that point on, read and ignored any message from you, checking that him and his dad are ok and offering a shoulder to lean on... (for reference, I’ve not heard anything for 8 days now, and have sent two messages during that time... one this morning, one a week ago.

This has really hurt me, my previous relationship was emotionally abusive and he knew that. It took a lot for me to trust someone again, but my gut feeling is that the whole thing has been a lie and I don’t know how to move forward.

I just can’t believe someone would waste so much of their time on grooming someone like this, only to be so cruel afterwards.
How do I move forward? Should I block him to help me move on?
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