Am I a cheater and should I contact my ex?

I dated this guy I found on a dating website about 3 years ago. I didn’t find him too attractive, but I still decided to date him anyway. Eventually, it got so serious to the point where we were planning on marrying each other (my fault; got ahead of myself). Anyway, whenever I tried to meet up with him, he never showed up because he lied saying he knew how to drive but actually didn’t (he lives 3 hours away from me). But, we never saw each other in person and I got more afraid of him because he was becoming more aggressive and controlling. I didn’t tell him that was the reason though, but I did say I wanted to leave the relationship.

While I was trying to leave him, I ended up meeting a boy near me through friends and I enjoyed him more. It took a while but eventually the first guy finally let go of me even though I had to block him on many outlets just because I felt somewhat unsafe that he’ll try to find/hurt me or my boyfriend now. However, a friend that follows him showed me the poems he writes and it’s all about me leaving him and how heartbroken he is. I feel like I should contact him but I know that’s what I shouldn’t do whatsoever. I also feel like a cheater because I knew I liked the other guy while being with him (even though he wasn’t allowing me to end the relationship). What do you guys think?
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Am I a cheater and should I contact my ex?
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