I can't get over this feeling of repulsion?

So my friend linked me to a guy, he was my pair as a bridesmaids.
when I met the guy I was taken aback as to how ugly (sorry but I can't describe him otherwise). This is stuck in my mind and I cannot get over it. Anyways I put on a mask and made as if I am enjoying his company, I had no other options. The poor kid thought that he had a chance with me... He started acting like he seriously likes me, his boyfriend and him went through my profile..
The first thing that I told myself is that if I date him I will definitely cheat on him. The grandmas at the wedding were trying to find good looking men for me... And my friend found this ugly man who miss one teeth to link me with.
Duh.. I am avoiding both my friend and that guy now. I won't tell my private life again to my friends...
I can't get over this feeling of repulsion?
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