Do you think is she interested or am I overreacting?

So, we have been talking since end of October (first month just online text and call due to lockdown) and in December we met like 3 times before going into lockdown again. I met this girl on Hinge and she stood out from the rest because she was looking for the same thing as me.

We connect really well and we’ve talked about future dreams and goals and I’d like to be with her. She says she does too! However, the thing getting to me is the last 2-3 weeks she seems like she’s going through the motions and is unenthusiastic. For example, she’s always posting her photos on Instagram, selfies stories and is just active on it. However, she never sends these photos to me. She used to in the first month but it’s slowed down. Now, I got to ask for one.

Another thing is her conversations always start with “ Good morning boo! Did you get a good rest?” Or “how are you”, “what are you up to” and then I answer and then she does and that’s it for like 4-5 hours before asking the same question again. She always says good morning and I initiate sometimes too.

im confused because she shows signs she likes me. We have even exchanged Christmas gifts and cards. She calls me boo. She deleted her profile on the online dating app. I know the situation is difficult because of the pandemic and we can’t go out much, but i guess it’s slowly taking a toll on our relationship...

what do you think is she interested or am I being a crybaby lol?
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Also, she is an introvert and has stated she takes a while to open up, especially as she was let down in her last relationship.
Do you think is she interested or am I overreacting?
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