Should I even attempt to rekindle? Paths cross again, Long Read but answers much appreciated?

So over a year ago, I went out on a date with a girl off of a dating app. At the start of that date I will admit it was bad she wasn't at the date spot & it took 1 hour to sort out. We ended up having drinks & talked until the bowling alley closed it seemed it went really well as it secured we had tons in common & could talk deeply, So apparently a week after that date I come to find she is moving 2hrs away, it just came up randomly which I found inconsiderate & thought to myself why even start dating if your moving. This girl is in the top 3 best looking I went out with in 7 years & we had tons in common so I felt crushed since I would never get an attempt to see what could have came from us continuing to date. I basically poured my guts out telling her just this & told her I was debating travelling to see her. But ended up deciding against it.

So yesterday by fate I see her again on the dating app & see she moved 1hr closer. I asked her how'd see had been, flirted a bit, exchanged a few messages. I am now debating asking her out again, but think should I do it (I never date farther than 30 min but in this case there is history) She lives 1hr away now, I sort of feel like it would kill me not to see where thing potentially could go. However feel weird as I don't know what her thoughts could be. there are 2 ways to look at it the negative is: she might think its too far also important to note: the 1st date sketch by her, back then she took forever to answer snaps but would post stories, also our last ever message 1 year ago she left me on UNREAD on snap even though she had asked me a question ( however this is after we had already decided that her far move wouldn't work).

However the positives are, we had a lot in common, great long 1st date conversation, & since I poured out my guts to her a year ago, isn't it a good sign she's replying today & yesterday even after this simp behavior I did a year ago. I don't know any thoughts would be much appreciated?
Should I even attempt to rekindle? Paths cross again, Long Read but answers much appreciated?
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