Was I wrong to ghost this guy when I found out he mostly dates women in their early twenties?

I feel a bit sh*t about it but I went out on a date with this guy who is around my age (33) and we had a nice time, lots to talk about and some attraction there. He was flirty and seemed interested. Found out the last girl he dated for a while was a third year uni student (so probably 20-22) and then he said something that made me think the girl before that was also really young. This guy is in his thirties and it made me think that he’s a bit of a liability if that is his preference, and also gives an uneven power dynamic in his favour if we were to date, so I decided I wouldn’t see him again.

He got in touch and asked me how I was and said do I want to go for dinner again. I really didn’t know what to say because it was so obvious that the date went well and that I had liked him, so I couldn’t really say that I didn’t feel anything or I felt we didn’t have enough in common, and I spent ages trying to figure out how to say no and then it was just too long and I felt I’d waited so long that I couldn’t really reply anymore. So I just didn’t reply. He then sent me another message checking that I’d got the first, so I didn’t reply to that either. 😔 He then sent me a THIRD message a week later saying he really liked me and thought we’d clicked and wondering whether he was wasting his time and... you guessed it, I didn’t reply because I just DON’T KNOW what to say ugh.

I really do feel like sh*t because he was clearly a nice guy and he’s is totally entitled to his dating preferences, I don’t judge him at all for going out with younger women, I just don’t want to get my heart broken and I feel kind of vulnerable about the whole thing like it’s shaken up a lot of insecurities in me. I feel like it’s too late now to get back in touch and kindly tell him I’m not interested, but it also seems so terrible what I did. So I’m basically just looking for validation to ghost someone lol. 🙈 Or am I just a terrible person? That would be fair enough to hear too.

Was I wrong to ghost this guy when I found out he mostly dates women in their early twenties?
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