Could I get herpes by holding hands?

If someone who has herpes touches my skin, whether it's holding my hand or any other skin to skin touch, that's not even sexual, will I get the virus?

A guy I've been dating recently told me he is pretty sure he has herpes but no outbreaks have occurred. He hasn't gotten tested yet but I am nervous for him to just casually touch me now. I'm supposed to go over his house for dinner tomorrow but I'm worried he will want to cuddle or hold hands at least. He says he thinks its HSV-2. We also have not kissed before and have been on 4 dates. He just told me this week.

It also bothers me he has suspected this since the summer, is confident he has it but hasn't been tested for it. He says he believes he has it because his last girlfriend from the summer had her 1st outbreak from it.
1 y
He should have already been tested for it back when he suspected in August, when his last relationship ended in October, not because I asked him to.
Could I get herpes by holding hands?
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