Why didn’t he introduce me to any family/ friends?

I dated this guy for 4 months before I decided to break up due to lack of attention and I always felt left in the cold. He wasn’t attentive to my needs much and we would only meet once a week. Yet he said he loved me bla bla and wanted to introduce me to his family. During the 4 months we dated, he never expressed any desire to meet my friends or introduce me to any of his. I complained and I said I would like to meet some of his friends but he said because we just meet once week, he would rather spend the day with me than bring some friends. He kept promising he will bring friends and just never happened. Yet, he booked tickets to fly to Canada to meet his family however we never FaceTime-d together and I have never spoken to any family members of his or friends. Do you guys think it’s because he’s shy or he was playing me the whole time?
Why didn’t he introduce me to any family/ friends?
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