Should I bring up having a baby?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months, not long enough to want to plan a baby but long enough to want to consider the future. I have two boys, 12 and 7 and he has a 5 year old boy. When we first started dating and he asked if I was on birth control I had said that I would be okay with a baby in the future and he said “I would too if and when the time is right” but last night he told me that a friend had asked him when he was going to have another baby and that he told the friend he probably wasn’t. I’m a little bit hurt. We aren’t married or even living together but I wasn’t ready to be done having kids. I didn’t know my youngest would be my last and I feel a little it led on that he made me think it could be a possibility when we first started dating. He just turned 36 and I think he might think he’s too old. He could very well be 40 by the time we decide to get married, if we do. But there’s something special about creating life with the person you love and having a little person that’s half you and half your significant other. We also haven’t gotten to share that experience as our kids are all school age. I also always wished for a daughter. I already decided that it’s not a deal breaker. Dating is hard and he’s such a great guy but I’m still very disappointed. I don’t know if I should bring up an actual conversation about it because we haven’t been together for very long but at the same time I want to know why there was a change of heart or if he only said what he thought I wanted to hear in the beginning. Should I bring it up? What do I say?
Should I bring up having a baby?
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