Should we keep dating each other?

I’m have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years about to be 2 in Feb. We met in private school junior year of highschool, we were friends for a little while then he asked me out, but I was just so nervous because it was my first boyfriend and I was so new to everything and I had anxiety and just low self esteem left to right so it was just hard to communicate with him. But at school around my girl friends I would be so goofy with them but with my boyfriend It is different. And same with him. When we see each other is just be quiet and I be so nervous to talk and I think he does to. We just do crazy funny things but not with each other, we graduated together and moved to college together and the second month of freshman year we broke up over him being to controlling and josh at judging me. I got back with him 2 months later and he was never like that again to me. But we don’t have a lot to talk about we barley talk like close couples do and I want to do that with him and he does to. I’m terribly bad at communicating and my trust with him is not a 100% there with him but we keep trying and not giving up to work out at the end of the day l. But overall I just feel like I’m not right for him? Or he isn’t right for me am I wrong? I like him a lot and I want to have a future with him and he does to but atm will it’s just hard to get pass that we don’t talk to each other like close close couples do. And everybody knows him as being a quiet guy even family and friends but yet he is social but not like I am. I really like him and I just want things to work out.
Should we keep dating each other?
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