Is he manipulating me to go out with him?

I met this guy online on a dating site. I asked him for help to get a creepy guy off my back, who was blackmailing me to send photos I’d sent him to my family if I didn’t pay him. So this guy got the creepy guy off my back by sending him a warning message that he would contact the police if the creepy guy continued to harass me. He asked me to send him screenshots of ALL the messages I’d exchanged with the creepy guy and he also got me to send him a video of me saying his name, because he didn’t believe I was a real person. So anyway, he got the creepy guy to stop messaging me and harassing me, but since then he’s not stopped messaging me and asking me out. I keep telling him I’ll think about it but I don’t want to go out with anyone right now, I want a break from creepy men.

So if I don’t reply to him on one forum, he will message me on another. The other night he got drunk and sent me 8 messages saying “I can’t believe you are still talking to me” and I’ve stopped replying to him now. He deleted all his drunk messages to me and since then he’s tried messaging me on another forum, commenting on one of my photos.

I sent him a reply after he asked me out for the 3rd time saying I was not in the right place to date and that I wanted to focus on myself, then he said to me that he only meant that we would meet as friends, and said ‘it’s seems like you need some friends at the moment, not in a harsh way’

Is he trying to manipulate me to go out with him?
Is he manipulating me to go out with him?
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