Did She just go incognito on me?

So I've been talking to this gal for about 2 months now. We met on meet me, live in the same town and hit it immediately. I changed my search criteria to friends only. She never changed hers. This caused a big argument to the point where we split up and quiet talking. Well about a month ago she texts me out of the blue saying she missed me and wanted to start talking again. It was only as friends first but we decided to see each other in person again. We hit it off again. She said she wanted to give us another Try, or so I thought. This past Wednesday the 23rd of December she surprised me and wanted to go to the park and talk. We sat for 2 hours talking. When we left she gave me a romantic kiss. However, later that night she commented having fun on meet me. I told her to stop it, that you know my profile says friends only. She was mad because I didn't text her why she was dying her hair. I'm not the one who blows up my woman's phone. She has been nearly as talkative since. I've noticed her on meet me and she's never changed her settings. Still says friends, dating, relationship. I've never said anything yet. Last 2 days I haven't got hardly a thing out of her. I opened up and told her how I really feel about her. All I got was a wow. I asked what she thought of it and I got was a super sweet move, blew me away. But she still not talking and she still on meet me. Makes me wonder if she isn't talking to someone else. Any thoughts on this?
Did She just go incognito on me?
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