So I am competing with other 2 guys for her love what should I do?

Yes my friends, It’s me and these other 2 guys that are fighting for this girl’s attention. At first I was confused why she would ignore me when this guy was around and why she wouldn’t when he wasn’t around, but I found out why she does it. Even if she does have a boyfriend I know she likes me. Although I doubt she does, although they may have a thing, but to me it seems that she is “confused” about it, because although she ignores me often times she feels bad about it, or tells me to wait for her after she is done with him (I wouldn't say because she doesn't want to be with me, I think more so she can avoid conflicts). The other guy is almost the same situation but I wouldn’t worry about him.

So what do I do if I am in between this other guys who like her? I like her a lot and I am pretty sure she does as well; her body language says it all. I mean she giggles, she is often shy around me, and I have seen her looking at me with wide open eyes, we sit very close in class, she is always helping me, she gets really mad at me when I ignore her, it goes on and on.

So what I do in this situation?


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  • If she likes you she should ignore the other two, not you.

    Maybe its possible she likes one of the other two more than you but she's keeping you as an option?

    Did you ask her out on a date? How long have you known her?

    Just ask her out on a date.

  • look, you can't just wait around for her like some love sick puppy! this is sounding harsh and I don't mean it to, but do you really want to be the guy waiting on the sidelines? I understand you like this girl, but I think you should stop waiting. give her a deadline or something and let her know you don't want to be at her beck and call. don't be nasty or bitchy about it.. like I kinda am... sorry! I just mean, do something about it. it sounds like she likes you, so tell her you want to be with her, and tell her you won't wait forever and she needs to choose.


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