Do you think I’ll ever find someone?

I’m 23. I have everything. I’m 6ft2 so pretty tall, I’m attractive atm girls will say I’m 7-8/10. Very Ambitious, I have literally all the money in the world! I’m starting to build muscle properly now and improve my physique feels great!

Apart from that I don’t think I’ll find a really pretty girl, compatible etc.. even though I spend time in Spain and speak Spanish.
They say in your 20s you meet the most people I’ve met a handful of people I consider friends etc... Never really had many friends.

TBH, I only want to find a super beautiful girl with a saucy personality, good chemistry.
***never willing to lower my standards as there’s no guy like me even though it’s not written on me.

Where will I meet one? I don’t think I ever will. Girls receive too much attention. Some in relationships. It also feels weird to approach girls and unnatural.

I’ve stopped looking as I feel like a fish in an ocean. Maybe just having myself will make me feel like the man! Going forward.
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Do you think I’ll ever find someone?
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