Am I in the wrong?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a full year now and she recently was finally comfortable with talking about what we wanted in our sex lives. She a really soft and sensitive person who would and still gets really flustered over things like this so the whole time we’ve been dating I’ve been trying not to push her despite having a really strong sex drive. So when she came to be I was really shocked and excited I held her as we talk about what we wanted I talked about what I liked and then she went on to tell me what she like, she said she couldn’t really tell me fully since she had no experience (virgin) so she said she would be going off of what she read in manga. She started getting really red as she told me she has a very strong interest in things like choking , slamming slapping , being yelled among other things like that. I was really uncomfortable and right away told her I really didn’t like things like that then without a fraction of a second after me saying that she started apologizing I told her the call down I wasn’t mad at her and we just left the conversation there ever since that day I've notice that she seems a little off she usually doesn’t have a problem tell me what she wants (kisses, cuddling, or just wanting to talk to me ) but now she just doesn’t if I ask her opinion on something I’ve also noticed that she will just say ‘if that’s what you want’ or ‘do like it ‘ before answering I think she might be uncomfortable with me which I really don’t want her to be I just want her to feel okay around me again I really do love her.
Am I in the wrong?
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