Would you text a guy almost at midnight if you didn't like him?

would you text a guy almost at midnight if you didn't like him?

so we texted during the day and I texted her if she wanted to maybe hang out before she would leave back home for the summer since school is out. and she texted me back that she thought it would have been fun but she can't since she is leaving on Monday and that she has relatives here from out of the country that she needs to be with. she texted me this like almost at midnight and when I texted her, 'maybe when you get back and to stay in touch'. she texted me back "sounds good"

she did make the effort to respond. would you be texting a guy this late if you were not interested in him?


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  • Yea I she's interested in you. This doesn't mean that she won't change her mine or anything over the times you are apart.

    She's either interested romantically or see you as a good friend and now you're in the friend zone.

    When she comes back send her a text to hang out and go from there. Its a good start.


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  • I wouldn't that's for sure...I would say that this girl is little interested in you but I don't know the girl well enough...Keep trying and maybe it will pay off.

  • she likes you as a friend for sure, but she's still deciding if she likes you more than that. She's trying to figure it out. Give her some time to think it through, and let her know that you like her. She might just be afraid to say anything.


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