Should I give this person another chance?

I’m frustrated. He dumped me nearly 2 years ago because he thought that I was too young and immature for him. We decided to not block each other on social media, lol. He reached out a few times to make small talk through the years, but nothing further. Mainly just replying to my posts and stuff. Today he reached out to me via iMessage saying “hey (my name), how are you doing?” We had small talk but then he asked me out, “yeah I was wondering if you wanted to catch up sometime? Maybe we can take a walk, or grab some coffee? I totally get it if you don’t want to see me.” We dated for a few months, but it wasn’t serious. I was really hurt when he dumped me. I longed for the day he would send this type of message... but why 2 years later? I want to give him a second chance, but I also want to spare myself some dignity. He had his chance, should I give him another? Would you if you were in my position?
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Should I give this person another chance?
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