Girls, In today’s modern times, what are you looking for in life, a career or relationship/marriage?

I keep getting asked my sisters, aunts, my mom, my mom’s friends and etc why haven’t I found a girl? Why aren’t I dating? Why am I not married? And I never know how to answer it because I can’t explain why. I’m a guy in my early 30s finishing grad school so school and a solid career is very important to me. I have old school values, love and loyalty but also being a respectable person who owns up to his promises. I am not flabbergasted by the money, power and status of this world because I have seen many men fall who had those things in life.

I am not a picky guy, where I’m looking for a certain height or weight in a girl. Obviously if I take care of myself, in shape and decent looking then I want a girl to do the same, there’s nothing wrong with that. I try to be a caring, honest, reliable, hard working guy who’s willing to admit to my faults, cook food, listen and etc so what’s the issue? I don’t have tattoos, I am not heavily influenced on what’s “popular”. I don’t drink or do drugs or sleep around with girls (still a virgin). What is the issue ladies? Girls nowadays seem very cold and distant, girls seem to be only about career driven goals because her perception of men is flawed by the many assholes and cheaters that exist in the world today. But I shouldn’t be punished in a sense for how other guys behave and trust me I’m appalled by it.

I look at the world today and let’s be real, people are more superficial, less honest, driven by anger or greed and that hurts me inside when people just give up and do drugs or drink booze thinking it will wash away life’s problems. I haven’t had the easiest childhood or now since my dad was always a jerk but I never wanted to be like him. So if I had to deal with life’s problems I’d work hard to fix those issues to rectify them in a healthy constructive manner. What’s the issue here that I can’t find girls especially in a city of 3+ million people.
Girls, In today’s modern times, what are you looking for in life, a career or relationship/marriage?
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