A girl dropped a "i love you" in a weird moment?

Me and a girl are in a long distance relashionship, we already told that we really like each other, we were talking on the phone, when she told how she feels she's holding me back form getting to know other girls, potentially my soul mate because of our LDR. i told her that i enjoyed talking to her and spending time to her, the other stuff isn't important for me as long as we are chilling together.

the weird part happens after this, after comforting her about how i feel about our situation, she told me before hanging up that she really likes me before telling me that she loves me. then she just hang up. I texted her telling her that i feel the same way about her and joking about she ran away.

She told me she can't stop smilling, i told her that the same expression is on my face, she asked me a pic of my face and then told me how sweet i am about all of this before sending me Hearts emojies. i don't understand what she used the word sweet because for me it has always been a "friendzone" compliment.

i wasn't prepared for this and i want your help to figure this out, i wasn't prepared for "the i love you" specialy after she dropped on me the " i don't want to hold you back" speech. I have trust issues so i ask myself if is she playing some kind of game or am i just bein paranoid and am overthinking everything?
A girl dropped a "i love you" in a weird moment?
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