What is your perfect date? (With feeling this time!)

Every time I see this, whether as a question or a reality check, they're always so unimaginative! See a movie, go to a carnival, get something to eat, walk on the beach, and so on and so forth. This is the perfect date - meaning anything goes! Why remain grounded in the realm of plausibility?

Here's mine:

Day before the scheduled date, find out I have somehow acquired several billion dollars.

On the day of the date, fly to Paris, where I will promptly purchase the Eiffel Tower. Have dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower. Dinner will be romantic, and consist only of the finest delicacies from all parts of the world cooked to perfection by the greatest chefs. After dinner is over, promptly demolish the Eiffel Tower, so that our dinner would have been the last dinner ever to be had on top of the Eiffel Tower.

After we are done with the Eiffel Tower, fly to Nepal. Hire a helicopter to deposit us atop Mount Everest. Open some champagne and watch the sunrise from atop Mount Everest while drinking champagne. After the sun has risen, or when we get bored, fly back down Mount Everest, and get back in the jet.

Fly to Barcelona, and get some sleep. The date is not over, but I would imagine that we are somewhat tired by this point. If we are not sleepy, we can pass the time with conversation. Once in Barcelona, rent La Rambla, and clear it of tourists in time for sunset. Have a private stroll down La Rambla during the early evening.

Retire to a top class hotel, where we shall drink champagne and engage in a lovemaking session that is unmatched by any other in history in terms of passion and intensity.

That is truly a perfect date for me.

Please share yours!


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  • Wow you really thought this out. I'm not really sure why, but every time I think about this question my mind goes blank. I think its because I haven't had much luck with dates yet. Anyway, I'll give it a go...

    My ideal date:

    It would be in the winter time (a time when people tend to get closer, and not just because of the holidays, as people naturally incline to feel the warmth of a lover). We would be in the mountains snowboarding, rolling around in the snow when we are tired of shredding, cuddling on the long chairlift rides and watching the snow fall. As soon as the frost bites we'd flee to the cabin and get the fireplace going and of course some champagne, turn on some music. We'd talk while we warm up, play a game of naughty Banagrams. All of a sudden Boys2Men comes on the radio and he pulls me up to slow dance. Laughing at first, my blushing would calm my giggle to a serene smile and I'd place my head on his shoulder.

    The song ends and he says he wants to show me something, but I have to close my eyes first. He grabs me and throws me in the car. We drive for a few minutes, my eyes squeezed tight in anxious anticipation (don't want to ruin the surprise). The car stops and I step into the snow to find steam hitting my face. He found hot springs! I'm so excited I take all of my clothes of right away and slip in the warm water. The boy also dips in. And there we are, completely naked enjoying each other without getting too overheated. Then we return to the cabin and cuddle for the rest of the night.


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