Should I just move on?

This guy talks to me first. We both laugh and I think there is some flirting. his mom works with us too. I asked if he was excited and He opened up and told me how Christmas didn’t feel the same anymore. he asked if I knew who she was and I told him I saw them together on the first day and it was so cute how they work together. He laughed and eventually he asked me if I worked Monday and then said he’ll see me then. I was going to the back of the store and his hand touched my shoulder because he reached past me (there was nothing there ) and he said sorry and then I said there was a lot going on and he laughed and was like “yeah there’s stuff everywhere” I was talking to a coworker and he stared at me. Monday we didn’t talk. Yesterday he came to break and sat down and I left because mine was over. I went back to talk to him. I turned around and we made eye contact and he looked away. I asked if he was tired yet and he was like “me? Yeah I’m tired”. at work we talked all day. I said my back hurt and he said probably cause I’m so young. I’m 19 he’s 20. Yesterday He asked was I going to be there tomorrow and I asked why and he said he didn’t know if he’d come. He keeps asking when my last day is and I told him Tuesday. Then he was like “are you going back to college?” Then we got cut off by someone. He came today after I said I was coming and I thought that would be a good sign because no one else really was there. I made small talk and asked if there was anything I needed to yesterday that I didn’t do at work but I also meant something else and he looked kinda nervous and looked at me and was like “no you didn’t miss anything, you’re good” he seemed distant for the rest of the day we didn’t really get a chance to talk and I didn’t see him leave. Why at first did it seem that he liked me but now I don't know. Should I just move on. I like him so much but I leave the job in 2 days. I don’t want to admit my feelings and get rejected
Should I just move on?
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